My Mom won't let me stay the night at my friends

how can my mum expect me to grow up normal if she don’t let me stay with my friends over night I don’t go school I just want to run away and never go back to her she just drives me insane

Answer #1

dont be foolish you are still young…

your mother cares about you and is worried if you are out of the house at night

as ty said if you cant go to their house why not get them to yours… or are you thinking of doing something you are not allowed?

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Answer #3

Uh yeah I think you should run away. You wouldn’t last a day alone.

I say its time for you to grow up and figure out what is truly important. you are just being manipulative stating that you can never grow up unless you get what you want. Your mother has forgotten more about life than you will ever know.

Why don’t you try, hmm gee I dunno, introducing your friends to her.

Parents are a lot more comfortable letting you do things if you do them RIGHT. Staying the night at your friends house requires that your parents know your friends.

Seriously…kids I swear.

Answer #4

my mum always lets me stay in my friends but I am 12 but uhmm,, what I say to my mom is why do you treat me like this, its not your life, its mine and your not letting me live it the way all kids should. Andd Other TImess.. when she says get a life, you say, I have a life but am just not allowed to live it, works everytime, but am from england so I dont no if its different in america.

Answer #5

how old are ? cause dependeing on your age, I cant say if I agree with you or your mom

Answer #6

well my mom let’s me and I am nine and that didn’t help at all well try it next time do your chores don’t fight with her and mybe next time you can do it

Answer #7

Well firstly how old are u ? secondly is she wont let you go then be calm to her and say that I am growing upp now and I need some independence! I bet your mom was allowed to go out to her friends when she was your age so why cant you? Hope this helps:D I have the same problem im 12 and my mom wont let me go to town with my mates lol

Answer #8

you really need a dose of reality, there are kids on the streets because their parents abuse them, physically and sexually, some of them have been kicked out because a parents boyfriend was abusing them and their mothers didnt believe them, they’ve been kicked out for being gay, these kids have problems… do you know what happens on the streets? they live in abandoned buildings, with rats and other creatures, they dont know where their next meal is going to come from, they dont have money or clothes, no place to shower, they get beaten up, some of them turn to prostitution or drug running to survive, and you’re complaining about your mother not letting you sleepover at a friend’s house?

if it’s that big a deal, why not have your friends spend the night at your house?

Answer #9

Run away? I have friends who have run away. they always go back and feel real stupid. they never thought about eating, where to sleep, where to shower, how to not be scared for more than a day or two. it sounds like a good idea to do that when youre not hungry or tired. it lasts a day and your mom will just be freightened and you will get a reputation of being weak because you went running home. plus she wont change anyway. Dont grow up until you are grown up. follow rules and learn something everyday.

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