My mom is going crazy

Hi my names David

Ok, so today was a really strange day, I got up at 10 (im still on summer break) and make my bed. My mom says I get up in a cranky mood which I can but besides that im a really nice kid, even my mom says that. I continue downstairss, I get my swimming trunks and we get in the car, my mom asks if I had breakfast, I had some bread because I wasnt thinking of breakfast, so my mom asks me to get a sandwhiche. See if I ever say no to anything she says she flips out and thinks I never listen to her. See, she doesnt really have any friends and I always willengly go and help her out when she needs to buy things, her social life is at a minimum and I always try to be there for here, yet she clings to me on everything, and when a normal person would “worry a lil” she would start to shout and swear, yet only to me. So I can thise sandwhiche and she starts swearing and saying she gives here butt for me because she has 2 be with my dad. She starts complaining that the sandwhiche has full of chemicals and so-n-so which I agree. I mean I dont say out of the blue “your a piece of *“ or anything im really respectable to her, yet she swears and she drives home because shes in a fit. We get home and she wants me to write a 10 page essay XD about Vitamins which is kinda weird. I am currently writeing the draft and she comes downstairs and says she is bolemic because of the stress I give her, and says if she kills me what is there to live for, says she will kill herself is she killed me. So now I really need help on what to do, she also blames the fact that she doesnt like America and wants 2 go back 2 england or europe. PLEASE HELP!!!


Answer #1

my mom is wanting to wear the higgab!! I hate it and I might just start to hate her!!

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Hi David,

Your mom’s behavior is problematic. Can you talk to your dad or a relative or a trusted adult friend of the family about what is going on? If not when you go to school I suggest you visit a counselor’s office. There you should get a good advise and possibly some tangible help with your predicament.

Answer #3

maybe she is bipolar those are commen signs of it

Answer #4

“anothermother “ is totally right… and I know how you feel… im a 14 year old girl and my mom does the same thing to me… depending on how old your mom is there is the possability shes going through menopause… or maybe she is depressed… but that doesnt give her a right to do that to you… maybe you should tell her how you feel about all teh crap shes putting on you when shes in a good mood… or do what I do lol… fight back… you cant let her push you around like that… because whatever her problem is its nothing that you did… because if you are respectfull to her which it seems that you are then she has no reason to do that to you… I totally know how you feel though because I go through the same thing with my mom… so if you need anymore advice or someone to talk to feel free to add me and talk to me… [= keep your head up…

Answer #5

Son, I am an Asian parent. I probably do not understand most things Western(except watched a lot of Westerns!), your mother’s behaviour is unbelievable. True or not, hard to live with that. Teenagers have their own problem. I am talking about your mother! She needs to grow up. As a single parent, fat chance of that. You need to grow up, and fast. I was a fully functioning adult at 17, please do so for both your sake. Become extremely efficient, take care of her. She will be loyal to you until her death! I love you for being there for your mother. Thanks.

Answer #6

My mom is constantly doing the same thing to me. What works for me for a little while is fight back. It doesn’t sound like a nice thing to do but you know we have just as much pressure on us as they do and we shouldn’t have to take the hit because they aren’t in a good mood eventully/ hopefully it’ll stop and before we know it we will be able to drive and get away more. =]

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did you know that my friends mom is bipolar and her mom does practically the same exact thing it is really weird I am never around her the same way I am never aroud you know who(britanny spears)my friends name is ricia jordan she comes over to my house just to get away from her bipolar mom yep I know itt is very sad I would be careful if I were you ya know dont catch on to what she is doing to you think about it david really!!!

Answer #8

Dude your mom is cracked its a lot of pressure of raising a kid not everyone can do it by themselves, are you the only man in her life? Most likely cause she ran off the rest of them? yeah totally talk to a school counseler and set some boundaries with your Mom because she obviously doesnt have any It ok to let her know HEY Im the kid here and your adult “stuff” is stressin me out I cant help you because 1 ima dude and 2 ima teenager and 3 im uh totally unquailifed as your child to help you so please get your own Mom.

Answer #9

David my mom is going crazy to then im 15 years old and my mom still tries to treat me like im two yars old there going on a lame stupid trip to new mexico and im staying behind so I can ovoid her nagging my all the time and telling me I dont listen she even put the maccoroni down so I can reach it lol she overreacts from a drop of water spilling and she never uses a normal tone hahahaha!!!

Answer #10

my moms the same way kid lol

Answer #11

It sounds like your mom is going through menopause…classic symptoms. She could also be lonely and/or depressed. Unfortunately there is not much you can do but smile, nod, and try to help her until you can get out.

Talk to a loving family member you can trust or a school counselor that is recommended by friends.

You will get through this. If you are truly scared for your life try to move in with a family member:)

You can’t save your mom unless she wants to be saved..remember that.

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