my male german shepher will not mate with my female german shepherd

my male gs will not mate with my female gs last night he got on her 2 times only for about 10 seconds he is about 2 ft longer than her and bigger he will just get off she is at her peak and will accept a male we have tried using my fixed male to mate with her to show our male what to do but still that hasnt worked and we tried putting him on her but still nothing HELP PLEASE

Answer #1

If he’s never been bred before, he probably clueless what to do, or even nervous. Many “virgin” dogs need help accomplishing a breeding…talk to an experienced breeder and ask them for suggestions…


Answer #2

maybe your male gs is gay.

Answer #3

@ phrannie: not true. Male dogs know very well on what to do. A breeders motto is for every one male dog get two females and never let them grow old together or get them from the same breed. Dogs are like humans just cause it is the only girl to mate with does not mean you want to. If they grow up from puppy to adults then they will see each other as mommy puppy or brother sister and will lessen the likely hood of puppies. And if from same breed will recognize mothers scent to stop inbreeding or try to prevent it. Cats are more likely to mate incestually than dogs are.

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