How can I get temporary immediate custody of my son?

How can I get temporary immediate custody of my son??

Answer #1

to gain Temp custody immediately you would have to go to the courts with an emergency temp. custody order and to do that you need to prove that there is an emergency to give you that custody.

Answer #2

and why are tey not in your custody at the moment? what ages are they? how often do you see them? what facilities can you offer?

you can’t have custody temporarily…they’re called ‘parental rights’ and you can only have them IF you are married, or if the child was born out of marriage, then the mother (who has immediate parental rights) looses those right, or they arrange for both parties to have those rights, this can only be done my a solicitor…this is for britain though…

Answer #3

why do you want the custody only temporarily?

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