My cat is having babies.

My cat is having babies (yes, I already had a cat that had babies, and I’m working on getting them fixed). It’s TINY but seems to be breathing well. I’m 99% sure there are more on the way. Though it could be possible there’s only the one, I’m sure.

Are new born kittens supposed to cry a lot? Loudly? EDIT: Actually it just suddenly stopped and hasn’t cried in a while. Is that normal too?

I know, I shouldn’t worry. But this kitten is so small it’s scary. My other cat’s babies weren’t this small.

And I know most cats want to be left alone but my cat wants to be near people. She wants me to pet her every so often. If I don’t, she comes and bothers me. What can I do to make her comfortable when I go to bed? She’s in my room, but if I’m in bed I can’t go and pet her.

Answer #1

I’ve just adopted a stray cat & her 4 new born babies. Yes, just having one is sometimes normal, and oh, two? thats even normaler :P

well, these 4 babies cried rather a lot when first born (in my nannas shed lol) and thn thy calmed down a bit fter that. just dont touch thm till about 2 wk old or th mom may eat thm!!

mine are now 3 weeks old on tuesday, and are strting 2 walk. thy are really noisy lol, but yeah, urs will b fine.

keep me updated !! xx

Answer #2

Well the best thing to do is just sit with her and make her stay where she is. And yes kittens are supposed to cry a lot. thats a good sign. and about the kitten stoping with the crying. is it near the mother? make sure he is still breathing of course. If it is near the mother and is not crying he might just be relaxed though. my cat had kittens not to long ago too and they were all pretty little. she was a small cat herself though.

Hope this helps. :)

Answer #3


Answer #4

That did help, thanks.

She’s had another one since I posted this. Both are right next to her and quiet. They’re both breathing well. One’s moving more than the other, though. Which kinda worries me. But I worry about EVERYTHING anyway. Ha ha.

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