Why isnt my cat taking care of her babies?

well my kitty cat had her babies earlyer today. shes in my little doll house that is nice and clean and she has a box with warm blankets in it and a nice little couch and toys and food and water! and a litter box. shes kinda dumb and she had her babies outside. in the drive way!!!!! well on the side under old junk cars that nobody can or ever will use. we brought them in the little room and put the on her little couch. and pumpkin my cat wont touch em! she wont pick them up and she left them out in the drive way all day by there selves! and they need the milk. my mom wont let me pick them up (there are 5 kittens in the litter and they look like ugly mice!) she says that if i touch them my cat wont take care of them. witch is bogus! wat do i do! shes a bad mom

Answer #1

it might be becouse they are realy ill or shes not happy with them

Answer #2

have you tuoched them? before theyre 8 weeks old?

Answer #3

Touching them has nothing to do with it – in fact, it’s good to touch them since the day they are born and hold them as they get older. This is how you raise them to be affectionate and like being with people. We have a cat here who is doing the same thing, but there is another mother cat who lost her baby and she is raising them. It could be because they have some kind of problem and the mother knows they will not survive in the wild, so she lets them die as kittens. It could be because she is a first-time mother and is somewhat unsure of what to do. If you see her lying down, try guiding the babies to her teats.

Answer #4

maybe she wants them to die

Answer #5

well turns out she had 7 kittens and only 1 survived. one dies because my cat layed on her and she sufficated. another one died because it was born late. and the other ones died because they had magots layed in them. and one is healthy and survived from the magots. them gross things. and yes we took them all to the vet and it cost 200 dollars and they couldnt do any thing about it. :’(

Answer #6

they all did from magots but 1 survived. :’(

Answer #7


Answer #8

gold fish. classified as the telescopes. comes in red or black

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