What to do when my boyfriend got locked up and I'm pregnant?

what should I do my boyfriend just got locked up for 5 years and im 1 1/2 months pregnant. I love him to death and would do anythnig to see him.

Answer #1

Grl he might have got locked up but u raise ur child it won’t be easy but it will wrk! Write to ur bf,tell him about the baby and everything send pics. Just make it like he never left

Answer #2

Or… you tell him that he will have rights to see the baby but you will be moving on with your life. Even though its difficult, and definitely not preferred, no one says you have to be in a relationship with your baby daddy. I dont know if you were pregnant or not when he committed whatever crime it was, but he should have thought about what he was doing before hand. Plus, if he’s a rountine criminal it’s best he stay away from the baby anyways.

Answer #3

The question is do you think you can wait 5 years for him?

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