What do I do my boyfriend got locked up ?

Im 18 and my boy friend is 22 and he got locked up from minuim 1 to 3 years max and hes surving his first time in prision hes in jail right now and its easey to vist but im afraid when he goes to jail I wont b able to see him I miss him so much and cry all the time I need som ansers on how too stick through this pain and also some ansers on this I got papers stating he faild to show for his cort date and he dint follow through wit his probation and thats saposly why they took him but he also had some money he has to pay the judge or the probation place if I pay them what he ows is there a better chance of him getting out sooner he has no one ther for him besides me I need to do somthing plzz help

Answer #1

okay this is always a tough situation and 3 years doesnt help but the big thing is do you love him enough to wait all that time for him to get out without cheatin on him or what ver and does he love you back and is it worth the wait

Answer #2

it will give you time to go back to school and learn to write and spell

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