What do you think of them making ANOTHER Resident Evil movie?

The Resident Evil movies used to be some of my favorite’s but I really think there over doing it with this new one coming out. Whats your opinion?

Answer #1

I’m afraid to see it because I don’t want it to ruin the rest of the movies for me.. Like Saw and Final Destination.. it’s so much better when they stop before they get carried away, like the Hostel movies. :)

Answer #2

What are there now? Four or something? I’ve only ever seen one, I think. People tend to overdue things that work well until they don’t work anymore, than they get a new idea and stop beating the dead horse. Seriously, if this is a fifth one, that’s a bit much. Are they even really connected?

Answer #3

Seriously, the last final destination was HORRIBLE. Same with Saw. It’s annoying as can be when they take a good movie and keep going when theres nothing left to even go with.

Answer #4

I think I wanna see it. It looks decent enough to watch and it’s in 3D, chances are, it won’t be very disappointing :)

Answer #5

It was! And I only like Saw 1 and 2.. maybe 3 a little bit, because some loose ends are tied up.. the 4th one, eh.. the rest I won’t see.. I hate when they get new writers/directors, etc. I think there’s going to be a saw 7? 3D.. ugh.

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