How do you use mousse?

ok I bought some mousse thats supposed to make your hair curly/wavy but it doesnt have directions so are you supposed to put it in wet hair and then blow dry it or do you just put it in dry hair? im really confused

Answer #1

noperzz you put it in when your hair is wet and put some in your hand and just like scrunch your hair up untill it’s curly

Answer #2

wet or wash your hair then put the mousse in afterwards

Answer #3

Well I usually wait until my hair is damp then put it in the palm of your and and scrunch your hair up but make sure you dont use too much because it will make your haitr really hard (:

Answer #4

I used to use mousse sometimes to scrunch my hair, and then I would straighten sections of it. sometimes like in the winter, when I didn’t want to get too cold outside, I would scrunch it, then leave it to set for 15 minutes then blow dry and keep scrunching it at the same time. scrunching is when you squeeze sections of your hair in your palms to make it curly.

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