back is beginning to hurt extra bad is this a sign of pregnancy

well mi back is beginning to hurt extra bad is this a sign of pregnancy I still feel a since of motion can a baby move early in pregnancy..

Answer #1

no you cannot feel a fetus move in early pregnancy, and a lot of people get back pains when they’re about to get their period… go get a test, it’s the only way to tell if you’re pregnant

Answer #2

its not a baby its gas or you got to take a craplol if your pregnant the b\abby wont move til 18 weeks lol

Answer #3

hmm well if you feel you could be, take a pregnancy test.. but I would go to the doctors because they would be able to tell you a lot better the a test would..

Answer #4

It could just be a case of a back problem developing. Maybe you have been putting too much strain on your back? Unless you’ve recently had sex, then that’ll be a different story.

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