I am haveing all the signs of pregnancy

I am haveing all the signs of pregnancy but all my tests and the doctors tests came back negative. I have not had a blood test because the doctor for some reason will not give me one. I have or may still have a cyst in my right olverie, but the pain is on ly left side and only hurts if I do things that pregnant wemon are not suppost to do like lifting or reaching high or bending over to pick something up off of the ground. The doctor says that it is probably another cyst on the left side as well. I don’t know what to do. Is my nipples being sore and fealling sick to my stomach and eating a lot symptoms of a cyst or just pregnancy? Reason why I ask is because the cyst on my right side only hurt and did not effect my period(it was just lighter) and my brests weren’t sore at all.

Answer #1

you wouldnt be eating a lot with a cyst..? my mom has one an whenever it starts to bother her or anything she can barely eat at all an shes always throwing up if she does..

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