Mothers day gift for friend's mom

As title suggested, I need to get a mothers day gift for friend’s mom. My friend moved out of town, and since her mom doesnt drive, I’ve been taking her shopping and such, and she feeds me in return, I want to get her something to thank her. Especially since she’ll be alone this mother’s day for the first time well since becoming a mother. Any thoughts?

Answer #1

As a mom myself, I love flowers.. I think in this circumstance that would be a great jester to show you appreciate her. This way you don’t have to worry about if she likes a gift… btw it is very nice of you to think of her.. If you don’t like flowers, you could buy a stepping stone or yard ornament (if she has a yard), Wind chimes, anything like that a woman will enjoy..

Answer #2

I gave my mom a pearl pendant.It was amazing and she was so happy with it.

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