What to get my best friend and Mom on their birthdays?

So my mom and my best friend both have their birthdays on the same day which sucks but my mom already said I could spend the day with her and then go in the night to celebrate my best friends birthday. I just don’t know what to get both of them any ideas?

Answer #1

I always get my Mom a spa package- she works so hard, it’s a good way to force her to relax. And they aren’t as expensive as you think - $50-$250

A manicure/pedicure gift card always works too…what woman doesn’t love getting their nails done.

Answer #2

Do you know about any CD your friend might like to have? I would buy your mom a gourmet cake or something that shows you splurged on her. Maybe you know of perfume they each like?

Answer #3

If they like getting their nails done or something, you could get them a gift vochure to get their nails, or a pedicure on you.

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