Why is it that every morning I wake up with a really bad headache?

Can this be prevented?

Answer #1

I would just call your doctor or go to the doctor so you can be sure and meaby get help from there. There could be so many reasons why.

Answer #2

Well, I am pregnant.. But this has been happening even before I was pregnant. It’s so irritating! D:

Answer #3

It could mean that you aren’t hydrated enough. Try drinking more water, gatorade helps alot too.

Answer #4

is it possible that you arent drinking enough water through out the day and might simply dehydrated?

Another things is it’s known that if there isnt enough moisture in a room it can cause some health issues, one is headaches, another is breathing issues etc.

Try a humidifier see if it changes anything, if not I would consider consulting with a doctor. I dont want to jump the gun or say anything out of context by making any assumptions. Perhaps after running a few tests he can tell by the blood work what seems to really be the problem.

I hope you feel better soon.

Answer #5

I will definitely try all of the above. Thank you. :)

Answer #6

no prob, glad I could help a bit at least. :)

Answer #7

maybe is ur room too hot in the mornings?

Answer #8

No, my room is always cold. I have plenty of blankets to keep warm, but it’s never too warm or anything. When I wake up with my headache, the headache usually doesn’t go away for hours.

Answer #9

My friend has a headache if she sleeps to much, so maybe you are sleeping a lot? Either way, that’s strange.

Answer #10

Could be hypertension

The same thing was happening to me over the winter. I was miserable. I finally went to my Dr. and my blood pressure was VERY high. I am under 20 and not overweight but hypertension does run in my family, so could be genetic, in my case. Anyway, I was started on medication that helps control my blood pressure and prevent migraines. So far so good. Might be worth getting your blood pressure checked. At the very least, it’s one thing you can rule out.

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