how to lose wieght, and get a 6 pack?

If you can’t go to the gym what are good eating habit’s, how to lose wieght, and get a 6 pack?? Also how do i shape my upper body?

Answer #1

a lot of people believe they have to have equipment to get good abs, and to loose wait, but its not true. all you have to do ( this is what my soccer coach has us do) is to run up and down steps for a minute, three times a week ( to loose wait) and then do sittups, crunches, pushups, elevated push ups, and possibly curls,( don’t have to have waits to curl, use anything heavy and not akward) and do those every night. our coach tells us to do as many as we can, and then increase by 5 with sittups and crunches, and by 1 or 2 with every thing else every night. after a month, maybe two, you’ll be lighter, and more in shape. Best of luck! homestar_runner3

Answer #2

If you can’t go to the gym then I suggest you buy some free weights. (Wal-marts sporting goods dept. has a cheap set but you might need to buy extra weights)

This is the set I have: and this:

Pick up a copy of Men’s Health Magazine, they usually have good workouts in there and tips on how to eat healthy.

My husband uses this book: But I doubt you can get that at the store.

The Abs Diet book has some great eating habits and some workouts too.

Good Luck!

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