I'm kinda chubby but I have a 4 pack, how do I get a 6 pack?

ok,well the title pretty much says it all, but what it really is is when I tense my stomach the top and the middle section goes hard, but the bottom bit at the bottomof my stomach doesn’t. I did 50 sit ups a night, but now I’ve bumped it up to 100. what exersizes can I do to increase the muscle in my lower stomach? cheers.

Answer #1

Reefer7 has a point. Doing cardio is the only way to decrease the fat layer that covers your muscle. 60 min of cardio a day. Watch your diet also. You cant expect to be getting that layer of fat off if you are eating big macs, or other fast food places. Make sure you eat the reccomended amount of protein for you age and ht. Go to mypyramid.org Creatinine and other supplements will not work believe me I have done scientific research for college about this. Crunches, abdominal exercises will help but cardio remember.

Answer #2

hip hop abbs

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