what should i get for my moms b-day?

Answer #1

Well what does she like? Maybe you could get her jewelry, or clothes? Or maybe some perfume or body spray that she wants? I always ask my dad for ideas :)

Answer #2

yea but i dunno mii dad=(..well thanx 4 tha ideasXP

Answer #3

get somthing smelly or shiny thats what girls like :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


Answer #4

Do what connor says<3 –We don’t know your mom,so no one can really give you ideas on what to get her,hun<3 —Ask what she likes ^_^ like what her fav candy is,fav flowers,if she likes jewelry. Stuff like that

Answer #5


Answer #6

I’d say something handmade like a scrapbook, a card, homemade goods, etc. Or go out and buy her an accessory, like a ring. :)

Answer #7

set her up for a great MASSAGE some where…. I’m a mom……..I would so love to get a full body massage….for one hour…..it is equivelant to six hours of sleep! and for all the work a mom does…..she looses so much sleep…….remember…mom’s have to be there to help dads too! a moms job is never finished. Happy Birth day to yer mom!

Answer #8

my mom luvs cute stuff so ther u go <3

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