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How do I get my mom to stop bugging me about this band I like?

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I've recently been obsessed with Cradle of Filth. She hates them, she hates the singer, she just hates them. She got the iTunes receipt, and yelled at me for the profanity in their titles. I told her that it's my life and I'm growing up, but she hates to admit it. This was about 2 weeks ago. But I'm holding out until they come to Baltimore, which is where they would most likely be playing when they come around again. I asked my mom, and she said that if I do, I'll be disowned. I find that a bit irrational. I really, REALLY want to meet the singer, and I've been saving up ever since January just to meet him. I feel liked I'm being forced to not like them because of her own beliefs, which is of course, irrational. It's really getting on my nerve, and I hate lying to her.