How can I tell my mom I hate my stepdad?

Answer #1

I just came out and told my mother one day when we were alone talking. She didnt really say anything back. But she’s used to hearing it though, none of my siblings like him. I’ve asked her before, why she married him and she always tells me she doesn’t want to talk about it. I honestly think that she doesn’t really like him either.

Answer #2

Think about what you specifically want to say because this is something that will potentially hurt your mom. I would sit her down alone at a time she is not stressed and tell her you have some things you want to talk about. Then mention that your stepdad does certain things you do not like (his attitude, for example,) and then give an example to show why you dislike it. Say he makes you feel uncomfortable and you were hoping she may be able to help you get on better and have a word so he can act in a way that makes you more comfortable. If you give her specifics and talk in a way where you show you are willing to try to get on with him, then she will respons better than if you have a full on attack of him. Hopefully then she can help you improve things. Perhaps suggest you would like to have more mother daughter time too, without him around, so you can still feel close to your mom. That way you get to have a nice family life which does not always involve him.

In the end, this man is part of your life now because your mom loves him. You have to try and make the effort, so maybe try and bond with him too and suggest an outing together and things. Is there any reason you specifically do not like him?

All you can do is try and have a sensible, mature and calm chat with your mom. Be prepared for her not to react too well and just back up your feelings and try and take on board what she says too. If you can’t solve this problem you will just have to try and be civil and remember than sooner or later you will move out and can see him less.

Answer #3

Why do yu wanna tell her that, it will break her heart, i didnt like my stepdad at 1st but i didnt tell my mom i just kept it to myself, but now i really do love him, just give it sometime yu guys might end up being bestfriends

Answer #4

He’s been here for 8 years tho…

Answer #5

Oh wow, well what did he do? why do yu hate him?

Answer #6

You must have got good reasons why you hate him, like if he yells at you or says something annoying. Your mother will understand your feeling if you talk to her about how you feel about your step dad and why. It is going to be even harder for your mother to handle if she loves him and now she knows that you don’t.

Answer #7

ive been there and back. i sat my mom down just the two of us in my room and told her to just be quiet and listen while i told her how i felt. i dont know if that will help you but, i hope it does.

Answer #8

He broke my moms ribs then two months later my mom had to call the cops on him and now he’s back again

Answer #9

Next time you may want to begin with, how do I tell my mother that I hate the guy who is abusing her. Giving us the whole picture will change our answers. Quite frankly, I’d call up the child abuse line and describe what is going on. If your mother is causing emotional abuse by exposing you to domestic violence, the system needs to be involved. And well you have a pretty good reason to dislike the guy. Just tell her.

Answer #10

Well…. first off I wouldn’t say hate because that will just start the conversation off bad. Plus you gotta find good solid reasons to support why you don’t like him. Try to better him/her…. as in solve the reasons why you don’t like him. If things can be worked out I’d go for that first…. however, if he is just too unbearable to be around then just get out. I don’t like saying that so use that as your final resort.

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