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How can I tell my mom I am beginning to hate her boyfriend/husband?

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NO i dont want to tell her "I hate Craig, mom". I just didnt know how else to word the title.

I dont know what to do. Im not going to list all the different reasons why Im beggining to hate him..I just NEED to tell my Mom SOMETHING about it so maybe she can hint to him or something whats ok and whats not..But. I know Im 14 and I cant tell my parents whats ok and whats not, they know best and I have no right, but there ARE limits.

My Mom doesnt seem to get that..She thinks its totally unneceptable for me to say anything about how they parent or if im against something theyve done or told me, that its disrespectful. And it is in certain circumstances. But not mine. I just moved in with them from my actual Dads house and in with my Mum and her Boyfriend/husband, so were all going through some growing pains here, and its all new for all of us. They want me to completley change myself to suit their needs and everything, but they dont do their part.

I was wondering if you have any advice as to something I could say to my Mom that isnt in any way rude, disrespectful or upsetting. Ive tried normal conversations, so things like "Just sit down and talk with her and be honest with her" wont work. And believe me there is NO possiblility of talking to Craig about it haha.

Im sorry if I sound like a rebellious teenager or a ungrateful brat, or an overdramatic teen going through a phase. but my situation incredibly frustrating. Thanks. & Please reply lol.