Mom is stupid and won't let me get hair extensions

I’ve tried the low self esteem thing and the low confidence thing, but it didn’t work! I even said I’m ugly(which I am) and that’s with the low confidence category. Help me please? I want them so bad and my birthday is in 5 days so I think I deserve themT_T

Answer #1

I have short hair and I think I’m FUGLY I’m satisfied if I think I look good and other people will probably agree and if not then whatever I like the way I look and I had long hair before then I cut it-_-‘ and I keep getting split ends and I’ve tried pretty much everything o.O I just want long hair lol

Answer #2

it doesn’t make her stupid I’m sorry I was pissed and I call people stupid and I’m mature and I show her that but she says it’s too fake and I COMPLETELY disagree with her and I’m turning 15 I can’t get a job :( should I just beg or something..?

Answer #3

Ha, that doesn’t make her stupid, jeez,… [; How about you save up and buy them yourself, then wear them when she isn’t around,…?

Answer #4

have you asked her as to why she doesnt want you to get them? Maybe she has a good reason AND also, dont get your hopes up, as your mom did say no, but maybe she is saying no now and going to surprise you for your birthday… 1st of all, your Mom isnt stupid and having an attitude like that wont get you far with anything in life. Playing low confidence isnt the answer either, you need to be showing your mom that you are mature enough to be able to get certain things.

Answer #5

u might really want hir extensions.. but that is not going to make you prettier or give you more self esteem. its just my opinon you probly are pretty but you just don’t see it most girls don’t im the same way but people tell me in really pretty soo I just agree with them … but if you really think hair extensions are they way to go then tell ure mom how you feel about it… hope I helped:)

Answer #6

Hair extensions are nasty anyway. Grow it :P

Answer #7

Get a job - these things are expensive Eh RECESSION anyone!!!

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