How do i convince my mum to let me get hair extensions?

PLEASE! I need help figuring out how to convince my mom to get me hair extensions. I have really low self esteem because of my hair, and I tried to talk to her but, no good. Please!!! I need suggestions on how to convince her!!!

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you should know more about what product you want and should see how they look on you mabey its not the right choice my friend got hair extentions and they ended up looking really bad!!!

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first have a look at what you want
you can also get clip in ones if youd like
make sure you have a good idea of what your looking for first
do tell you mum that your self esteem is very low because of your hair
how it would make you more happy and confident than you are now
and stuff along those lines, tell her how you feel
sit her down, and talk to her about it when shes free
also if you cant there are hundreds of different ways to style your hair!

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I have the same problem my mom wont let me get them either and my hair aint short but not long it wont grow!!! I dont know how to convince her either lmao.sorry!!!

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why not ask your Mom if you agreed to pay for half of the procedure would she concider letting you get the extensions? It can be very expensive to have this procedure done, and maybe if you just didn't expect her to pay for entire thing she would be more reponsive to the idea.

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well tell her how you feel and if that doesnt help well than sorry that it didnt help

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