Do you think military disabled Vets should be allowed to use toll roads at no charge?

Answer #1

I think they shud b aloud to use many things with no charge, they did so much allready, then we make them pay, doesn’t seem right to me

Answer #2

no i don’t think that. every has to pay but granted being a vet should get them more things, but i’d think if they don’t want to pay the charge don’t take it. but toll roads i think are stupid.

Answer #3

No they should be paid an adequate military pension that enables them to pay for all reasonable services just like any other valued member of society.

They should not be made to feel like some sort of charity case.

– Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #4

I think that is the least of their worries. I think vets should be getting mental and physical health care, free education, support for their disabilities, etc. Once they get all that, then perhaps a debate over toll roads.

Answer #5

The reason I bring this up is because it is Texas law that toll roads are free here, but the DFW toll road have figured a way around this. Your right on the other stuff, Obama is working hard to remove all the other benefits of Vets, by the way I am a 50% disabled vet that severed in Bosnia and Iraq.

Answer #6

Well THANK YOU for doin so I appeciate it

Answer #7

Well you are right, but they are working on removing a lot of the benefits from vets and while I am still able to work, I have friends that no longer have that ability. Some of them are so disabled that they are barely legal to drive.

Answer #8

Well I am the nut that volunteered to do this, but I would do it again, even if I knew what it would cost me.

Answer #9

Quite frankly that is nothing short of a shameful disgrace on the country. No matter what the National Debt is, a country owes a greater debt to its heroes.

– Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #10

I agree they give thr limbs and sometimes life, wat more cud u want I mean really

Answer #11

What more could they want ? Simple: ….. . D i g n i t y

– Majikthise.

Answer #12

Sounds good in theory but some toll roads are privately owned. Not sure private companies would be eager to give away profits. The planned Trans Texas Corridor is to be built by a Spanish company Cintra. Texas figured it could make a bunch of money short term by selling rights to collect tolls on NAFTA traffic. Guess everything else is for sale so why not roads?

What benefits has President Obama cut? There was a story in the news where President Obama asked Tea Party members specifically what they would cut. He asked if they would prefer to cut Veterans benefits, Social Security and Medicare, or if they would rather raise taxes. He was basically saying that platitudes about cutting spending were one thing but making painful choices about what to cut is quite another. Somehow his example of how difficult it is to choose what programs are to be cut was taken as an insult by many.

It is true that Robert Gates has proposed raising premiums and co-pays for Tricare since they haven’t changed in 12 years. The system needs modernizing and better service but the money just isn’t there. The stimulus package did include funding for new hospitals at Fort Hood and Camp Pendleton but a lot of veteran care is still far sub-standard.

Answer #13

Anybody that likes this answer does not know crap about what a disabled vet gets paid. Service members are the most underpaid of all the government workers and give the most up to and including there life. How many benefits does a piece of sh!t congressmen get compared to our defenders?

Answer #14

“… Anybody that likes this answer does not know crap about what a disabled vet gets paid. …”

If you mean MY answer that you actually tagged your comment onto, try reading it again. it says “… they SHOULD be paid an adequate military pension …”. If you mean my first comment that I tagged onto another comment about your dispicable Nation removing benefits from your War Vet, I said THAT was a disgrace, and “… No matter what the National Debt is, a country owes a greater debt to its heroes. …”, and my following comment was that your Vets. deserve DIGNITY (in addition to an adequate pension that is consistent with remuneration received by other valued members of society who can afford to pay for all their reasonable services.

If you think that liking those answers is equivalent to not knowing “crap about “ it , then frankly you need to learn to read and understand the language a bit better, because you clearly cannot differentiate between people who support your cause and those who don’t.

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