Should there be charges laid against people who fail to follow the rules when packing luggage for flight?

Recently, the Miami International Airport had to be evacuated and flights delayed because a man had an object in his luggage that resembled a pipe bomb. The object, which proved to be harmless, caused the airport and surrounding roads to be shut down for several hours and a bomb squad to be brought in. So who pays for all this? Should there be charges brought forth against the man who couldn’t follow rules?

Answer #1

ROFL. Fail. Yes, he should be charged in my opinion because he caused this huge problem, and like delayed flights and scared people and stuff. I dont think he should have to pay for all of it but he should definitely be charged.

Answer #2

I think that someone should be paying for it, or fined at the very least. The rules on what you can’t take with you really aren’t that hard to understand.

Answer #3

Was this the thing where they had like made it to look like a bomb but it was just a dud?

Answer #4

What did the guy have in his luggage that caused such an alarm? If it was a medical device, then no - absolutely no charges should be filed. Also, some people have ADD or ADHD or other medical conditions which make it difficult for them to think as clearly as they normally would - or, who can’t carry out functions the same as others of us.

One of the things about charging a person with a crime is INTENT. Did the person intend to cause a scare, or have complete and total disregard for what is allowed or not allowed to be carried with them on a flight?

Also, based upon what is now known, did the airport security act in an appropriate manner?

Answer #5

No. Every security at every airport is different. Some airports will allow things that other airports wont, and different security guards will also allow things that others wont. Yes, technically there are outlined rules, but in practicality these rules are never observed in the exact same way. So until every single security guard can observe the same rule in the exact same way, I see no good reason to punish people for something the guards themselves seem to be unable to figure out and come to a consensus on. And MIA is notorious for this. You have the most lax security guards and then the most overreactive ones. It’s just your luck.

Answer #6

No, my grandma caused a HUGE problem when she had coins in a coin roll they just saw it on the xray as a solid metal object and freaked out. You have no idea what what your carrying will show up like on an xray, so you can’t blame him for that.

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