Michael phelps

So what do you think about michael phelps holding the record for 8 medals in one olympics? What was your reaction when he got his 8th one? I was jumping up and down and screaming like the girl I am.

Answer #1

I was just like wow what evs

until the next day when I found out what was really happening lol…I was like OMG!

Answer #2

I was like YAAA!!! and nicole was like WOOO!!! and her mom was like WAY TO GO! and my brother was like YAY! and noah was like what the hell is happening?

Answer #3

I was screaming and jumping too! :] hahaha. it was the first time I’ve ever heard my mo say the f-bomb. lmao!


Answer #4

even tho im not american but I was very happy for I him ,

Answer #5

I was so syked for him! he is also going in the world record book!

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