What is a 1986 fleer michael jordan rookie card worth?

I have a ? What is a 1986 fleer michael jordan rookie card worth I have seen it online for sell for $ 1,599 to $ 1,399 to $ 1,799 to $ 999 to $ 2,475 but what am really asking is if I buy a 1986 fleer michael jordan rookie card in mint condition and its graded a 9 for $ 2,475 how much would it be valued at I say it would be valued at $ 5,999 close to $ 6,000 anyway if anyone could tell me that would be great thank you

Answer #1

I post an answer here: http://www.funadvice.com/q/what_would_a_set_of_gale_sayers_football

which you really need to read…we appreciate you signing up, but, for this kind of thing…you’re quoting all sorts of prices that are, essentially, meaningless.

The value on paper is totally different from what somebody pays in real life…if you ARE trying to sell it, getting multiple offers in an auction style format would net you the best sale price.

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