Does Miami Dade county have the highest crime rate in the USA at present?

If so…is it related to the countless number of gun shops I see or something else?

Answer #1

I doubt. I think its Cali of NY or even Philli. I actually Like Miami Dade. Much Prefered it 10 years ago though. lol.

Answer #2

I think either Cali, Detroit, or New York has the highest crime rate, not sure if due to guns

Answer #3

According to this table, Miami is #15.

Answer #4

Disneyland is #2 on the list??? Disneyland???

Beware Mickey Mouse everybody, beware!

Answer #5

Lol I will be sure to watch out for him next time I go

Answer #6

I think you are sorting it wrong. Sort it by violent crime column.

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