Metabolism rate different during various times of the day?

Does metabolism rate is different at different time of the days?

Answer #1

yes it does. the best things you can possibly do for your metabolism are to eat at least two pieces of fresh fruit alone in the morning, at 10 minute intervals. this speeds up your metabolism because fruit is hard to digest and this actually causes your body to burn calories just during this process. in the middle of the day, a salad with lots of raw veggies is great because they move slowly through the body keeping you full longer and also are full of fiber that will help you get rid of some of that extra weight (and into the toilet), dinner should be fun, but it should also be no later than 8 at night when you metabolism slows down considerably.

extra tip: to speed your metabolism up during the day, add a little cayenne pepper to water with lemon juice and syrup for extra sweetner, shake and drink. the acidity promotes smoother digestion and spicy foods speed up the metabolism. the syrup has no purpose, but the drink tastes like crap without it.

Answer #2

your metabolism can be different, but if you really want to have a set metabolism throught the day make sure you eat breakfast and small snacks in betweeen meals! If you don’t eat breakfast then your metabolism won’t be as fast throughout the day!

Answer #3

no you matabolism is at different rates at different times in the day it tends to be faster in the morning and slower of an evening

Answer #4

no I think its pretty much the same but if you exersice it runs faster because it need to burn more

Answer #5

uhm what rosie said…

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