Does anyone know how I can tell what my metabolism rate is?

I have been in starvation mode for 9 months. I have been refeeding for 2 months. I can’t stop exercising now that I’m eating because I am affraid my metabolism isn’t back to normal. How can I tell what my metabolism rate is? Is there like a test or something to find out if it is normal?

Answer #1

It depends on how much you can eat w/o gaining weight. If you have been staving yourself you probably have a low metabolism. The way to raise your metabolism is by eating…2,500 calories a day, from healthy food, will raise your met. However, that many calories will make you gain weight. That’s when you diet down to 1200 calories NO MORE THAN 3 DAYS to lose the 3-5lbs. When you finish your 3 diet day, go back to eating 2000- 2500 calories til you can gain 3-5 lbs. Then diet 3 days again. Now, each time you do this, you should be able to eat the big calories a longer amount of time, to the point where you can go about a month before gaining those 3-5 lbs. It is a long process of back and forth but it works!!!

Answer #2

you have to messure the use of oxygen of your body when your at rest, you know that the content of air in 21.9 percent oxygen then you messure how much oxygen you exhale with a oxygen censor . Then for every gram of oxygen you use theres a certain number of calories burned.

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