Who messed up - President Obama or the orchestra?

Answer #1

Well, they are saying that the orchestra was not supposed to play at that time.

Answer #2

Regardless once the orchestra started playing etiquette says you shut up. You don’t talk during the queens theme song :P.

Answer #3

i cant even believe its a story.

the queens musicians play when their told its the president making the speech longer that originally planned that got it all stuffed up.

even teh queen turned round and looked at him as if to say shut the f**k up while our anthem is on yet he kept talking.

im not bothered, all out papers are saying it was a mistake and it was.

but he should have realised he needed to be quite during the anthem.

its water under the bridge.

Answer #4

i just watched it…and because he told everyone to stand up thats always the time the national anthem is played. but hes not to know,its not his fault he didn’t know the orchestra was going to play and he orchestra didn’t know President Obama was going to carry on. At least he stopped and didn’t talk all the way through.

Answer #5

Come on Matty settle down…We know you hate Americans…You can stop hating now! :P(jk)

Answer #6

Wow this is really a story. its the presidents!

Answer #7

yes i can see a joke, i do know the difference, you dont have to tell me you just said a joke cus i can see it you know lmao

oh no, i can see a translation coming on:

da ya think om an ass, you sun of a bitch lmao

your my darling and your brilliant ♥

Answer #8

The orchestra was supposed to wait until Obama finished his toast. They thought he was done when he paused, and they started playing and Obama just finished his toast. Does anyone really care? He was not trying to be disrespectful. It was just a simple mix-up. It amazes me sometimes how people get obsessed with the stupidest issues.

Answer #9

LMFAO….Thank you…♥ u too!

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