Converting to wicca

Im thinking about converting to wicca. is there anyone that is a wicca on here?

Answer #1

Pagan & proud

Answer #2

I’ve read a few books by Cunningham. He’s a good author and very informative too. I’ve become more into Wicca since making my last post but I don’t think I’ll take it up until after I leave school. It might gat embarrasing. : ) Blessed Be.

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I am a wiccan in study and if you wish we can study to gether. on thing do not take online wiccan classes. oh and you might want to read wicca for the solitary practionar by scott cunningham. blessed be

Answer #4

Hey I’m wiccan and really enjoy it Hope you do to, and try to ignore people who judge you for who you are. People like that generally don’t know what there talking about. Glad to know you like wicca, but remember the wiccan rede. Blesses Be Nala

Answer #5

I’m Pagan. I went Wiccan for a time, but it didn’t fully suit me. Before you make any commitment to a religion, research it thoroughly; is what I’d advise.

Answer #6

I study Wicca yet I wont say I’m wiccan ‘fore I havent fully studied. yet I say it is upon your own decision. if you feel that wicca is the path for you then do as you will but dont convert if it doesnt feel like the path you’ll take. becarefuli and your attempt in performing magick. because whatever you put out, will return by 3.

blessed be.

Answer #7

I am not, but im just letting you know not to listen to anyone who posts anything on here negative, its your decision so be proud. =]

Im just saying this because there are many judgmental people on here at times. SO just ignore them, and good luck =]

Answer #8

I’m not really sure if I am wicca. yes I do witchcraft, but I havent done it in years. I do know some about magic, but not much. hehe

Answer #9

I am a wiccan. just becareful on whut you do or it could come back onto you 3 folds. do lots of research before you even attempt too do any spells.

Answer #10

If you are thinking about being a Wiccan you should find a book about it, and the Three Folds Law is false! I am reading right now “Witch Crafting, a spiritual guide to making magic.” by Phyllis Curott. Its a good book and I love it so far! You may find it interesting!

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