What is meant when girls say "mine is 32 c or b"?

, what is this measurements for and how do they measure it ?

Answer #1

It’s for bras.

Answer #2

I’m pretty sure you are talking about the size of their breasts. I don’t know how they are measured but I know with every increasing letter (going down the alphabet), the bigger the size is.

Answer #3

It’s their bra size, if they do it trough chatting or something like that, it just means they want to flirt or to have a naughty conversation with you.

Answer #4

32 would be the length of the strap, and the letter is the cup size, the place the women puts their breast “hooter”.

Answer #5

how is it measured normally

Answer #6

Speaking for all girls I would say that it is none of your business.

Answer #7

ya . i know that ……….. for a long time . it was bugging me …….. i thought its just a thing to know …. if ur offended then sorry

Answer #8

The number is the number of inches measured round the fullest part - like a guys chest measurement. It can be measured with a tape measure.

The letter represents the size of the “cups” which hold the breasts.
I understand the letters mean:

A = Adolescent B = Better C = Copious D = Devastating

A boy can measured it by weighing :

Put one hand under each breast, move the hands up and down a bit, and go “Weigh-Hayyy!”

– Breast wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #9

strap in this context means?

Answer #10

The letters don’t actually stand for anything.

Answer #11

Yes I know - I made it up for a laugh.

Answer #12

its bra sizes..

Answer #13

Oh, okay. Lol, I was worried you were serious.

Answer #14

The number is not the length of the strap.

Answer #15

then what r numbers for

Answer #16

Well the straps are the part that goes over the arms. The number part of a bra size correlates with the part that goes around your back. I hope that makes sense.

Answer #17

If you want to buy a jumper, you measure your chest and if it is 37 inches round the fullest part of your chest, you will probably get a size 38 inch jumper and it will fit you, but you would get away with wearing a size 36, - it might be a bit of a close fit but it would stretch to fit. You don’t expect the jumper size to be spot on the same as your chest measurement, though it could quite possibly be.

The number in a bra size is very similar in principle - it is predominantly governed by the measurement around the chest and breasts at their fullest part i.e. around the level of the nipples.

If you really want to get a feel for it, have a look at this bra size calculator:


feed some numbers into it like 1=34 2=38 3=35 and see what it calculates for the bra size, as implemented in various regions.

– Bust wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #18


Answer #19

I wouldn’t answer for “all girls” in future.. Bra size isn’t exactly a big deal. It tends to comes up a lot in conversation at college, but I suppose the UK is more open about supposedly ‘private’ things than a lot of places.

Answer #20

I like it Majikthise, but I think Ds are way to big for me, and a A cup to small, Ilikem kinda in the middle large B to a C, also you have to keep that strap size down.

Answer #21

that’s been established…

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