Girls, do you find the word c*nt offensive?

Okay this is probably gunna get deleted anyways. But I’ll give it a go.

Do you girls actually find the word “c*nt” offensive? to be honest, I don’t mind, lol.

sooo, opinions? :]

Answer #1

depends really..

if someone calls you it, it is but like.. I dunno if say you were talking dirty with your boyfriend (hope I dont sound like a slag or anything :S lmao) then I guess its like fine..

Answer #2

I guess I kind of do… I mean, say vagina or…yeah vagina. now that I think of it I dont like it when guys say…the other word for cat… either.

I just…really do NOT like those words…I cant help it.

Answer #3

it depends who is saying it to me if its my family or friends I know there jokeing but if its someone who doesnt like me then I find it offensive.

Answer #4

Yes…it’s about the only one that I do find completely offensive…and should be reserved for the very worst of times…:)

Answer #5

I don’t find it offensive at all its all about how much power you give to it and I don’t give it any:)

Answer #6

I find it a disgusting an unecessary word.

It’s usually used in the most degrading context.

Answer #7

I don’t… I say it more than the f word lol I was never taught to fear words or to use them as an assault

Answer #8

isnt that like saying dick instead of penis

Answer #9

I don’t, I don’t take it personal, to me it is not different then using any other vulgar word,

Answer #10

It’s just an ugly word. ha.

Answer #11

I h8 it its really degrading

Answer #12

It isn’t offensive at all. Oh you figured out a was a woman and I have c*nt great job!

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