Do you think men should be vaccinated and checked for HPV on a yearly basis?

There is not enough awareness amongst young and old men alike. They walk around like what others don’t know wont hurt them or others.

Answer #1

Vaccinated/checked for what? be a little more specific so we can actually answer you!

Answer #2

hpv haha sorry forgot

Answer #3

For the purpose of preventing genital warts (as it is beginning to show effectual) - yes, they should … for the purpose of protecting their partner? No - it’s every girl’s responsibility to make sure she is properly vaccinated.

Answer #4

thank you for ur answer i agree. gurls when they reach the age of becoming sexually active already know they need to start seeing their gyno but men according to statics dont get regular check ups especally for these matters

Answer #5

lol, np… I agree, I think everyone should get tested just to be on the safe side!

Answer #6

I definitly think they should be vaccinted at the same age as gilrs in the UK. Definitly!!

Answer #7

i think if you are having multi partners throughout the year you should, and even so for peace of mind you should get tested for the bigger std’s because they can be deadly. I get a yearly test for all of the bigger ones and a pap smear. i do it cuz they over to do it for free and as i said peace of mind

Answer #8

yes definetely.

Answer #9

There is no reliable tests for men when it comes to HPV. The only way you can tell is if there happens to be visible warts. Men can carry this disease and you would never know and doctors will more in likely never know either.

Answer #10

that would be a good idea… they make us have pap smears yearly so why not

Answer #11

stilll do u think why should be tested for aids,sti”s just like women have to?

Answer #12

she said hpv..

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