What do you think about this for a swine flu vaccine case?

What do you think about this? If everyone in the country was forced to get the swine flu vaccine? But also think of this…what about the people that cant get it because they have health issues? Answer if you would be supporting this or against this. Support your reason with 3 examples. ~peh159

Answer #1

I dont think anyone should get it

  1. I believe the flu its gov. made
  2. I think the shot its a way to make matters worse to do what the gov really wants to do.
  3. they made a huge deal over it before it was even bad I think they was hoping it was going to be worse then it really was.
  4. I now people who has got it and they got really sick 5.Do you know what the shot contains? there is things that a human body should really intake and the things that they are making you intake from it is like 3 times the amount your bod should have.

just saying im not saying our gov is all bad but I dont think its all good

what you think??

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