Is there a medicine or vaccine so u don't get STD when ur young?

Answer #1

yup. a CONDOM.

Answer #2

Omg there is no cure 4 STDs.If the person has a STD u can only prevent from u getting it by using condoms

Answer #3

No….STD is an acronym for MANY diseases…some curable (gonereah, syphlis, etc)….some not (herpes)…but like Irene said, you can only “prevent” STD’s..and that takes a condom.


Answer #4

There is a cure for MOST STD’s. The only STD so far that does not have a cure is HIV/AIDS. STD’s such as syphyllis and herpes can go away and come back again,but if treatment is given the person won’t die from it.

There is only an injection for cervical cancer, which is mainly transmitted as an STD. It has been proven to be super effective and you can get it at your gynecologists office.

Other than that condoms are the way to go if you want to prevent getting STD’s. Use enough lubrication and the condom will have less chance of tearing.

Answer #5

no, nothing can be taken to prevent an std from occuring. the only way to do that is by wearing a condom, and even then your still NOT guarenteed to get one, your just a lot less likley too, some stds can be cured and/or treated but not all of them are

Answer #6

Aids has no cure, and condoms are not 100%, far from it. The only way to not get stds is to know the person your with well enough to know they have no stds ti give you and even that is not 100% because they do not know for sure but still its far safer. Waiting tell your married is a good idea for that reason, once your married you know your partner well, and can trust them. And if they waited as well, odds are your pretty safe.

Answer #7


Answer #8

Nope. AIDS has no cure. You can prevent it by wearing condoms but they could rip. You can even get AIDS when you’re not sexually active, from shared needles and such. I go and get tested for HIV every year, just so I know I’m clean :) even if you’re not sexually active you should get tested once a year, because you never know if you could have picked it up somewhere.

Answer #9

contrary to popular belief, a sexually transmitted disease isnt just caught via sex. you can get an std from just sitting on a toilet seat. so the correct answer is no, no there isnt any medicine to stop oneself getting an std.

Answer #10

haha, yeah i would have to say a condom to:)

Answer #11

Hahaha it’s called a condom!!

Answer #12

Lol a condom.. no.. there isnt u can even get some STDs from kissing so.. i highly dought it.

Answer #13

are you kidding me? age has absolutely nothing to do with it! sex is sex and if it can cause any type of std…… bet your ass you could be the next to get one………………plus you are …13…………why would you wanna waste your chance for a happy healthy life and future by doing something (now) that should happen when you are married………think about your spouse and children and how you CAN pass any of the STDS to them……….that is cruel and mean….all because of a moment that could feel good at the age of 13 and unaware of the fact that the person you have sex with…could be a carrier and give you the problem and ruin your life…..not to mention your reputaion and what about your parents and theit heart ache……….pleeze think……befor you act………….your future is counting on your decisions that you make now! in the news there are children( with HIV or who are born addicts) who are never gonna make it to adulthood because of the choices that their parents had made……..and also from the illegal stuff they took……..all because of a momentary choice….and got their lives destroid…………………DON”T DO IT! find some value in your self and LIVE! live a good life and all the good things WILL fall into place as they should! BE HAPPY…….cuz right now….YOUR STILL HEALTHY!

Answer #14

Sorry, a condom is not 100% (in fact the percent rates are about 30-60% for most STDs). So No. There isnt.

Answer #15

Agreed…but…what’s with the dot dot dots? (whatever they’re called :P)

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