I need a sure cleanse for marijuana

I need a sure cleanse for marijuana, heading into the medical field, love my job but why do they have to give UAs? medical yea I know…what is a foolproof method…oh by the way extreme smoker, hemp, cigs and of course nature’s gift to us…

Answer #1

Very simple don’t smoke it will stay in your hair for 6 months. Could take someone’s elses pee put in like a glue bottle or condom. Can put in freg to store, take out 1-2 hours before test. Put a feet warmer around it can to get it to right temp. then put in underwear with tape or up in you if your a female to keep it body temp. Caution make sure person getting pee from is not a stonner!

Answer #2

The only cleanse for THC is time…it takes about 30 days to get rid of it in a UA, if you’re a regular toker…


Answer #3

I am from canada, I am not sure if you have these in the US, but there are some “Adult Stores” that sell hemp stuff, papers, pipes, ect. and they may have some antioxidants, thats what we got and it worked.

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