McCopy cat?

I was reading the newspaper today. (I’m a nerdy teen) And on the front it had a picture of McCain (Hiding the side of his face that is buldging out, due to his cancer, of course) and it said. “Change is coming.” as the heading.

Can this be said from someone who has voted with bush 90% of the time? . “Let me offer an advance warning to the old big spending, do nothing, me first, country second crowd.” McCain also said. “Change is coming.”

Can 10% of new policies be really said as ‘change?’

Answer #1

without palin, the race would have been over by now, in favor of obama of course.

but yeah it seems that mccain’s run out of ideas and has to resort to copying from other candidates. the sad thing - it seems to be working decently. most polls show both candidates dead level

Answer #2

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  I guess I’m just a slow study, but I thought I learned in school that the congress really runs the country, the president merely approves or vetoes their bills and they can override his vetoes.

And you know what? The DEMOCRATS have been in control of the congress for the last two years. And the previous six years the democrats were strong enough that they could have stopped anything that they didn’t agree with.

So, I’m curious. What has Bush done that CONGRESS hasn’t approved?

Answer #3

Not at all mccain is wrong now that he lost so many voters by publicly annouceing he voted 90% with bush he had to hurry and get a vice president to win back his voters and try and explain his mistakes.

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