who know math really good...i need help quick...i need a math teacher.who can help me?

Answer #1

what kind of math, what grade? ess, apps, princ? :)

Answer #2

im in the 10th and i can post a example

Answer #3

i had to choose pizza place and ask them the cost of there thin round pizza for small medium and large and ask the diameter and i did…for happy’s pizza there small is 7.48 medium is 9.64 large is 11.30…the diameter of the small is 10 medium is 12 and large is 14…now i have to make a table of values where the cost is the function of the diameter…plz help

Answer #4

a multiplication table will help you become good with math.

Answer #5

i dont kno how to put my nubers in the chart

Answer #6

I have a suggestion, and you probably will not like it. But do the table and work it out and then tell us what you got. Yes, you do not know how to do it, but us telling you how to isn’t going to teach you much anyways.

First try and then ask us for help. A tip: Think of what function of something means and analyse what they ask you to.

Answer #7

what you want dude ? i hope i can help send me the equation or the problem & help ya out

Answer #8

i jus wrote the problem out

Answer #9

thanx for yo help but if i knew how to do that then i wudnt have wrote it on here…i dont get it

Answer #10

look you have the cost of each single slice and also have the daimters so start your chart by putting types(s,m,l) in the upper part of the cahrt & put the cost in a row & the lenght of the diamter in a row thats the chart now to fill it up then make ratio bet the three costs and then make a ratio bet the three diamters and then multiply the numbers with the opposite ratio (ex: cost of small slice * the ratio of the small diamter) and now its solved as the cost is the term of diamter .. hope that helps:)

Answer #11

omg that just confused me, im sorry i wish i could help!! ask your teacher thats always the bestway to get help:)

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