What if I want to have an affair?

Ok heres the deal- I am 20 years old- I got married 7 months ago when I was 19 to a man who was 23 now 24… We dated for about 2 years before we were married- but we had a very rocky two years- I cheated on him numeorus times throughout out relationship- I really dont know why though- I love him so much, but I think im a nympho… anyways I left him and went across the country for 4 months- we started talking on the phone while I was gone and arrainged for him to fly there and we would drive back together. We got married the day after he got off the plane. We came back home and lived with his parents for 2 months- then I got us into an apartment which is now a problem for us to afford- meaning he cant help- he is in debt for before I knew him and he really has no money to put forth to help pay the bills in our home. I was 3 months pregnant in July and had a misscarriage- which created more bills by the way… So for the past 2 months or so things have been very tense beteen us- Sex between us is awesome- and I love being with him but we argue about dumb little things that annoy the two of us.. So I am bipolar and currently not taking anymedication so I need time to myself to clam down and think you know? So we calmly talked and decided that I would stay in the apartment and he would stay with his parents for a little while to give me some space. Well- theres more. After a month or two in the apartment we picked up a rooomate- Male roomate a year older than me- we all work together- we are good friends we hang out together all the time- But, now my husband is staying at his parents house and I am alone with my roomate at my aprtment. I am very attracted to him and I think he is attracted to me. I want to sleep with him- but I dont want my husband to be able to use it against me later on- because he has alreasy spoken of divorce- in which I have not. So- sorry that was so long but all these factors count- So I need some advice- no critism please! Thanks!

Answer #1

You can’t ask for ‘criticism-free advice’ when you’re doing such STUPID things.

Let’s see…

You should’ve never cheated, you should’ve never married him. Since you DID cheat, numerous times, he’ll never trust you again. So, get some medication, get the divorce, and then go ahead and nail your roommate… I guess…

Answer #2

Yeah, well. Everyone thinks they’re special.

Some of us may or may not be the egotistical moral f**king bastards you (judgmentally) think we are, but one thing for sure: we are all amazed at your blatant idiocy. Hard to believe you’re a product of evolution.

Answer #3

has it ever occured to you that people you dont know are giving u the same advice as the people that know you? which says somthing. and your not the only person whose life hasnt been “normal” NEWSFLASH! your an immature person who obviously wasnt ready for marriage! so im glad you fuc*ed everything up. becuase once your older and have a little more life experience you’ll realize you were wrong. you have poor decision making skills. Oh and im glad its not my life bc i couldnt live knowing ive made choices like that. have fun with the horrible mess you call life.

Answer #4

ANOTHER FKING UPDATE- You know folks… I posted my question in all seriousness. My life- my entire life has never been ‘normal’ and I just wanted some outside advice from people who dont know me… But it all turns out that “You dont know what its like to be me”. SO FOR ALL YOU EGOTISTICAL MORAL FKING BASTARDS- I DONT WANT YOUR ADVICE. I have my my descicions already- I JUST WONDERED IF THERE WERE ACTUALLY OTHER PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO COULD HELP ME AND NOT BE SO JUDGMENTAL. I guess I should have known. Im one of a kind :-) F*K the World and all the dumb ASSES in it!

Answer #5

heres my two-pence worth ; what were you thinking, getting married?? Love is in deed, you DONT love your husband and you dont care about him or his feelings!! You should concentrate on making your marriage a happy one or you will most likely get divorced and have strings of un satisfying relationships. Learn what it is to love your husband, its not just about getting those nice feelings that you get from having sex- its about continual acts of love . Here’s one; get rid of your male roomate!

Also, I am confused- why does your husband being poor, make you wanna have sex with other people?

Answer #6

you need to be critizied! do you even care about your husband? im not sure if your husband knows what youve done. OH and you dont love someone if you continuely hurt them over and over. your a sociopath and need to start taking your meds regualrly and get a divorce because your not good enough for him. and dont think ur roomie will stay with you…he knows your a cheat and dont think he’ll climb mountains to be with you (he knows how you treat someone you “love”)

Answer #7

I do not know what plans you have for your future with your husband, and how real are these plans. But at the moment time you cannot do else, than cheat on your husband, maybe a secret way. From your story I feel that your husband wants divorce because you do not want to keep him financially. In any way, if you feel yourself a nympho it is not so bad, but you have to tell this all men who want a serious relationship with you. Then you will not be afraid of that they may use your behaviour against you when divorce.

Answer #8

Okay… well… Just so we’re on the same page…

You ARE getting your tubes tied, right?

Answer #9


This thread needs a REALLY big padlock.

Answer #10

UPDATE - You’re an idiot. Get your tubes tied, so at least there’s a lesser possibility of you contributing to the global gene pool.

Answer #11

No thanks, you go ahead and enjoy your hollow & meaningless existence.

Answer #12

Meh… probably inbreeding.

Answer #13

No criticism? You’re own your own.

Answer #14

UPDATE- I boned my roomate. Should I call it quits?

Answer #15

F*ck you douche bags

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