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What are health benefits of marijuana?

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I heard that marijuana, in some ways, can be a good thing. Like many things, however, it should be used in moderation. Does anybody know of any health benefits? When I'm not in school, or when I'm not busy with school work (which is rare) I blaze and I have not been sick in a long time (usually just minor head colds which is probably a result from the lack of nicotine [since I can't smoke cigarettes at home, cause the parentals don't know], I get some pretty bad headaches from that). I heard Marijuana can slow down the growth of cancer cells, when talking about AIDs... something like that. There are articles of it, but my brother told me this a month or two ago and I never really looked at them.

I mean, people have done studies with marijuana and it has been proven to be healthy is some cases; how much proof does one need if research and tests have been done, proving that it CAN be healthy? I think that many people have this negative predisposition about Marijuana... but anyway, does anybody know of any or have heard of any health benefits?

(Also, please just answer the question... this thread is obviously supporting the use of Marijuana, so if you don't think so and have an argument against it, then it has nothing to do with my question, thus making your post spam, resulting in my reporting you. You can argue your point of how Marijuana is bad in your own thread. And I'm not saying it's bad, I agree that it's not the best thing in the world... I just think "moderation" is the key...Thanks!)