Which is better a Maltese, Yorkie Terrier, or a Pekingese puppy, and why?

Answer #1

I think yorkies r better cuz thr much easier to manage as far as takein care of thr fur

Answer #2

Myself, i’d rule out a Yorkie cuse they tend to be noisy and being a terrier they are very fiery. Yorkies are best for those with experience

Pekinese are good little dog, but due to their puched in faces do have breathing and heat problems. They do take a lot of coat care.

Maltese are wonderful little dogs. one of the stabler toy dogs, but do take a lot of coat care.

I’d go for the Maltese or the Penkinese.

You should do some research on the breeds. Picking a dog is a serious decision. Toy dogs live 15-20 years, its a long time to be stuck with a dog that drives you nuts. Good luck!

Answer #3

Thanks! :)

Answer #4

maltese puppies because of their lively personality and they get along well with most other animals in the household. they also make good watchdogs if stranger comes to the door or something. (plus theyre adorable!!)

Answer #5

I know tons about dogs. I’ve done dog rescue for 20 years and have written over 100 articles on them. Right now I’m writing all the breed articles for a new pet website. I actually just did the Yokies profile two days ago. If you have any questions, feel free to funmail me, I’m always happy to help.

Answer #6

All I know is adopt. Save a puppy!

Answer #7

maltese, bcuz of minimal shedding, not loud. energentic, but also calm and snuggly. not pick about food, and like attention. not mean or anything, ok w kids, but will nip like 1/20 times.

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