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I need help on deciding which puppy to by! I am 58 raised my kids and now want a puppy . I know I want a toy or teacup, I need a puppy that doesn’t shed or smell doggy, lovable and doesn’t bark a lot . I am thinking of a toy or tea cup Maltess , Teddy bear puppy or Yorkie Do you know which is the cutest and best house and family dog

Answer #1

Poodles are the only breed I know of that do not shed. How it smells depends on how often you wash him. ;-)

Poodles are also considered the most intelligent breed. I found them very easy to train, but they can be too smart.

Yorkies bark (if you can call it that) all the time, and chihuahuas are prone to not understanding where to pee.

Answer #2

Boy…I don’t know. The list of things you want from a dog is pretty long…

Most ALL dogs are lovable, and many many do not shed. But small dogs tend to be “reactive”…in other words they bark…These little ones are actually “yappy”…

All Terriers are diggers, and they bark…Miniture Poodles bark…Maltese are probably the quietest of the small dogs, and don’t shed…but you’d still have to work with it.

Keep in mind, that all the dogs that do not shed, HAVE to be taken to a groomer to be clipped…


Answer #3

EVERY dog sheds. No matter what breed. Some just are more noticeable than others. Every dogs barks. Every dog is lovable. Its all about how you raise them. Just cause there little dogs doesn’t mean there yappy. I have a chihuahua and a yorkie. There both very good an lovable. Hardly ever bark. Every dog is gonna bark at some time or another if your looking for a dog that never sheds and never bark your never gonna find one. An both of mine were very easy to house train. Its all about how you teach them an how there raised.

Hope this helped -professional groomer/ obedience trainer

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