When can my Yorkies have puppies?

anyone know much about a yorkie tea cup. I’m planning on getting 2 of them a male and female. I want 2 know wats the starting age where the 2 yokies can make babies.

Answer #1

Its very irresponsible to mate dogs if you don’t know what you are doing. Make sure you research this breed very carefully.

Answer #2

well I can tell you that my ckc registered yorkie is now 18 months and she is not been bred yet since I want to ensure her well being and health of the puppies I think next time she is getting in heat will be like in tree months or less then I will breed her with another registerd dog. remember there are a lot of dogs out there but not pure breed and their population is decrising so if we can help to bring this pure breed back again lets do it. my dog is only going to be breed once and then she wont be able to have puppies, I cant fix her because if not she wont be able to be in the show other wise I would spay her.

Answer #3

when can a male yorkie produce puppies?

Answer #4

well I used to have 2 I gave one away. they can have puppies when there at least both 1, but you should breed them when they’re 3 because they female will know how to care for her puppies at that age and by the way don’t get tea cup yorkies get just a regular yorkie because teacups aren’t very healthy because they have a small emunesystem. please listen to me, just because I’m 9 doesn’t mean I don’t know a but load of crap about animals.

Answer #5

they can have puppies but think about it carefully do you want them to do this and are you willing to pay lots of money if the dog cant deliver the puppies???

Answer #6

Wow. If you don’t even know WHEN to start breeding them, what do you know about HOW to breed them?

For every puppy born, three die in shelters. There are too many out there and not enough homes for them all.

If this is not enough reasons to stop you from breeding your dog, then here are a few more:

Complications in birth and pregnancies happen all the time. You could face losing your dog to death, and all the puppies with her. Will YOU pay the $1200.00 for a much-needed emergency cesarean section when she cannot deliver the pups?

What about sexually-transmitted diseases? That stud dog you had picked out may have one. They are more common than you think.

How about genetic diseases? They abound.

Breeding is not a careless affair, it is so much more than bringing *itch and stud together during a heat cycle.

Please think it over carefully.

Answer #7

Acording to akc rules. The female has to be 1 year old and the male 8 months old when they become pregrent to regester the pups. But you should never breed you dog during her first cycle. I always wait until my females are at leat 1 1/2 to 2 years old before I breed for the first time. You don’t have to to register them but I think the mother needs to be atleast that old before you breed. Just my opion though. Not the rule.

Answer #8

Go to your vet BEFORE you get the breeding pair. You can not breed a dog under 2 pounds without risk to her life. Studs under 2 pounds is fine. Research it VERY well before you get a dog. A *itch’s first heat is around one year.

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