makeup to school?

all last year I wore my makeup the same; eyeliner on top, bottom, mascara & powder. during the summer I havent been wearing any at all, and I love not having to put makeup on in the morning or take it off at night. I like the way I look because its natural, but I feel younger without it. im a self-conscious person about how I look, and im not sure if I should wear makeup to school. what do you think?

Answer #1

Ok put mascara in the top and bottom lashes if you wanna go for a lil glam use black mascara but if you wanna go natural brown mascara is the best =] A LITTLE lip balm and a little bit of blush and there your set fresh look =]

Answer #2

Natural is the best look for most people…I would suggest mascara thats all im gonna use when I go back to school im sure ull look fine

Answer #3

agree with xgrillzillax.! and maybe use light eye shawdow.! don’t put on fondation or powders it takes the natrual look away.!

Answer #4

just use mascrara on both top and bottom lashes it brings out any ones eyes

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