What makeup products are good for school?

OK, so I’m a 14 yr old girl, and I neva wear makeup, but I wanna gradually change that, because I’m in year 10, and people treat me like I’m in year 7, sometimes even year 7’s themselves! its really embarrasing, so I wanna wear makeup to make maself look older. However, my stupid school has this strict “don’t overdo your makeup” rule, so what are good makeup tips that look totally natural but still enhance my features. I also need colours that match my skintone, which I guess you could sort of call olive. I’m 1/2 Italian, so I’ve got a sort of tan all year round. P.S. I can’t use eyeliner because ma hands not steady enough, so could you please give me tips on keeping my hand steady as well. Thanks in advance :)

Answer #1

also use the crayon kind of eyeliner its easiest to put on the liquid eyeliner will burn your eyes and the pencil kind is pointy.

Answer #2

mascara and some light eyeshadow. I use concealer, foundation, powder, mascara, eyeshadow, and eyeliner. Lol but you dont have to wear makeup, theres nothing wrong with not wearing any

Answer #3

Don’t wear any makeup - if you haven’t really needed it until now, then using it will just make you look fake and ruin your skin.

Makeup doesn’t make you look older, it makes you look trashy.

Answer #4

I have the same problem but I solved it. what I use is a matching lip color lip liner and I use that then I put a little gloss and dab it so I doont over do it. If yoou have any pimples or marks, ect. you can put foundation on them. Use a goldish color eye shadow or one close to your skin coolor. next is use a very skinny mascara and lightly apply it. I recomend not putting on eyeliner YET becasue it will be tooo much. remember little goes al long way. Well I hope I helpd You:)

Answer #5

just start out with some natural eyeshadow. A good one is one that is mostly skin colored but it shimmers a tiny bit, it will give your eyes sparkle and people wont be able to figure out what happened lol. There is also clear mascara, it lifts the eyelashes but it keeps the natural color. Also brown mascara instead of black. Try using a brown eyeliner on just the lower lid and then as you get better at it you can progress to whatever you want

Answer #6

If you want your makeup to look natural you should use a light colored eyeshadow that matches your eye color and maybe instead of using balck maskara try light brown.and my hands are shaky too but its easy to put on eyeliner still just if you want it to look natural also use brown eyeliner.

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