I'd like to start wearing makeup

I have never worn make up and would like to start wearing it and need some advice on colours that would suit me. I have red/brown hair, brown eyes (plus really bad bags underneath them) fair/medeim skin. What advice can people give please?

Answer #1


Check out these videos…I love watching them and the user, she is so good at applying makeup and gives great beauty tips. I think you’ll find it quite useful


Answer #2

Start by buying concealer or foundation to cover the bags under your eyes. If you go into any makeup retailer they will colour match the right tone for you. Keep it natural to start with: some foundation, mascara and perhaps a small amount of pink toned blusher on your cheekbones.

Also a really nice product is Highbeam by benefit. If you put some on the contours of your face, it really highlights them and makes your skin look glowing. Would be good if youre just starting to use make up… dont go too mad. Less is more! :)

Answer #3

I would go with pinks and peaches. I am just about the same, they suit me, so I would think they would suit you.

Answer #4

Thank you!!!

Answer #5

bronzey looks are good on pretty much anyone. it’s neutral and very natural looking

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