What color makeup should I wear if I am wearing a blue dress?

I am thirteen years old, and I am going to a christmas party for my church, and I am wearing a blue dress, but I don’t know what color makeup I should wear, the dress is blue but it looks like a prom or a flower girls dress

Answer #1

don’t do blue, there will be too much going on then I would say silver, you could also do a smokey eye with some blacks and silvers which is great for a formal event

Answer #2

it really depends on the blue if you have dark blue then go with a light blue color if you have a light blue then do a lighter blue with a bit of white

Answer #3

no no it all depends on your skin color, eye color, hair color!

just tell me what those 3 are and I could make you look wonderful!!

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Answer #5

Heaven Answers “what color makeup should I wear if I am wearing a blue dress?”

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Answer #7

Maybe purple, I find that purple and blue go nicely together, not a dark purple though.

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