How can I make a guy jealous at a party?

I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on how to make this guy jealous. i know he likes me still, its a long story. i am going to the same party as him Saturday where all his friends and mine are going to be. i want to make him so jealous. any guys care to share what makes you jealous? or any girls with suggestions. thanks!

Answer #1

I like Jody’s answer. Dance with the other guys and just have fun. Pretend it doesnt bother you if he decides to dance with someone else. If he does you know he is jealous–good luck!

Answer #2

Well do yourself up (not slutty just really nice) when you get to the party dont follow him around and make it obvious you want him. Make sure he knows your there tho. Have a really good time and chat to a few other guys but dont do anything with them, as he’ll think you dont care and mite go off with another girl out of spite. Im sure he’ll soon start to get abit jealous. Play hard to get, men like a challenge, be available but dont seem available.

Answer #3

Make love with 2 guys in front of him. He will loose half of his hair on his head.

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